(ICCS) is a centralised call centre operation [based in Johannesburg, South Africa] offering superior customer service solutions to businesses around the globe using sophisticated world-class technology.
Our state-of-the-art systems enable our polite and knowledgeable agents to assist your customers around the clock – where and when they need it.

We are just a phone call away

Our service extends far beyond mere call processing though:


Our systems are designed around YOUR needs to streamline your business processes in order to convert enquiries into satisfied customers and sales.


Our staff are well-trained and well-equipped to resolve any query as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our strict service level agreements and adaptable processes ensure fast turnaround times – be it for emergencies, complaints, faults or returns, order processing and despatch and even compliments.

Talk to us about developing a customised International Call Centre Solution tailored to your industry now!

Our approach

We work hard to manage your Customer Relations

We tailor our business to suit your business WHERE and WHEN it needs to happen – every time, all the time.
Whether its midday or midnight, EVERY time your customer calls or logs a query, our skilled and knowledgeable staff will respond in a polite and efficient manner – by telephone or by email.
Our staff are specially trained to understand the intricacies of your business processes and/or products with technical product training provided where necessary.

Every agent is well schooled in the art of telephone etiquette, diplomacy, problem solving or escalation within a specified timeframe.
In our experience, this builds a loyal customer base and enhances your reputation.

Speak to us about setting up:

  • 24-Hour call centre or coverage during your business hours
  • Tailored customer service scripts (Knowledge base for website forums)
  • Well trained agents representing your product or service
  • A dedicated number for your company

Service is at the heart of our business

We’ve made it our business to develop solutions that help you provide exceptional customer service in YOUR business.

By delivering consistently excellent service to your customers, you win their hearts (and referrals!)

Our systems and staff are adapted to suit your business processes and customer interaction requirements.

By selecting ICCS, you are demonstrating your customer service orientation.

Customer Interactions for CRM

ICCS interacts with your customers via two main service solutions that can be used independently or in combination, according to your requirements.

We also record every interaction to form a database to identify patterns, enabling you to track who and what is doing well in your business, and address the areas that need attention.

Our services include:
  • Call centre management
  • Email support and response
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Review and Analysis of Customer Interaction to identify hotspots
  • White Labelled Medical Services
The types of interactions we can handle include:
  • Product or Service enquiries
  • Order management or cancellations
  • Shipping and tracking enquiries
  • Returns and refund processing
  • Technical product enquiry support
  • Complaint and Compliment communication
  • Tailor-made solutions suited to your particular business

Call Centre Management

ICCS will receive and resolve all telephonic enquiries on your behalf.

  • Fluent English-speaking agents
  • Patient and diplomatic telephone etiquette to eliminate frustration and diffuse tension
  • Full- or part -time staff dedicated to your company
  • Trained and knowledgeable agents to represent your business

E-mail Support

ICCS can manage your email communication efficiently and professionally within an agreed timeframe.

  • Guaranteed turnaround time for emails
  • Customised responses to each email
  • Professionally formulated emails
  • Well researched and relevant email responses
  • Timeous email enquiry resolution 

Complaint/Compliment Resolution

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services focus on resolving complaints or compliments across various industries.

Firstly, we acknowledge receipt of the customer’s complaint (or compliment)
Then we investigate the complaint and revert back with a detailed response.

An unhappy customer presents an opportunity to gain a loyal customer after resolving the issue

Our Promise

  • Professional responses/feedback to all your customer complaints
  • Speedy resolution of all complaints
  • Appropriate answers within a predefined timeframe

Complaint Resolution Process

  • Monthly complaints analysis and report
  • Monthly compliment analysis and report
  • Categorisation of complaints according to severity
  • Immediate acknowledgement and timeous responses to all incoming communication
  • Dispute resolution to encourage client retention and loyalty wherever possible


ICCS also offers unique access to an extensive network of Emergency medical services to respond to any crisis.

  • Transportation by a complete network of ambulances, paramedics as well as the HEMS (Medical Helicopter Service). These are resources and Service Providers closest to the scene of the emergency.
  • Nationwide Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care
  • 24-hour Medical Call Centre
  • Telephonic Trauma Counselling
  • Panic Button with Location-Based Software (USSD also available)
  • Includes a Mobile App that sends your GPS coordinates through to the Medical Call Centre

Who are our clients


Insurance Companies


Travel Operators


Transport Companies


Security Companies


Health Industry


VAS Companies


Service Orientated Companies


Companies relying on 24/7 operation


Companies relying on well spoken English agents


Product Distribution Companies


Car Rental Companies

Why ICCS would be right partner for you

  • Professionals trained in customer service and focus
  • Expertise to solve even complex problems and complaints
  • Highly affordable pricing to all companies, irrespective of their size
  • Single minded focus on your customers’/clients’ need and expectations.

What else can you expect from us

  • Automatic work load management through trained staff
  • Continuous monthly content quality review of email responses
  • Ensuring total client satisfaction before closing off enquiries

Our Highly Qualified Team


Stacey Stewart

Financial Manager


Santi Steinmann


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